Thursday, January 1, 2015

Female Scientist + Nematodes = best Vogue article ever

Without a doubt, this has become my absolute favorite photo EVER in Vogue magazine (and with any luck, maybe one day I will have a similar photoshoot...swoon...):

While unpacking some moving boxes, I came across an article I had saved from the October 2013 issue, profiling Cori Bargmann. Her research focuses on neural pathways in C. elegans (yes, a nematode in Vogue too!), and all around I think I have found my new science idol: Bargmann not only lives in New York City and works at the unparalleled Rockefeller University (where she is a Howard Hughes investigator and National Academy of Science member), but has a "predilection for Christian Louboutin high heels", goes to the opera regularly, and has a twitter feed peppered with both science and fashion.

My favorite, but slightly depressing, quote from the article:
"Being a scientist is extremely boring and frustrating. You have a good idea and it doesn't work; you write a grant and it isn't accepted; you submit a paper for publication, it's rejected. You basically have to be able to delay gratification indefinitely."
Unfortunately I can't seem to find an archived version of the Vogue article anywhere online, but I've scanned a copy to PDF (tweet/email me if you want to read it!)

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