Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Has the Big Bang Theory corrupted Men's fashion?

I'm all about clothing diversity and taking fashion risks, but there's one A/W 2012 trend that just has me dumbstruck. Colored jeans...for MEN!? I got an Express flyer in the mail with the following picture:
Bright purple jeans - really?? I could not stop laughing. I'd like to see their sales figures to know who actually buys these (prove me wrong, men). My dismay is akin to that I feel whenever I see romper suits come back into fashion for women. And what about these eyesores I found on eBay:

Whenever I see these ads all I can think of is the Big Bang Theory. I fear that Howard Wolowitz has invaded the global psyche with his too-tight, awfully colourful jeans. And we are futile to resist! I can't help but wonder if these bottom brights will be the Hammerpants (read: fashion mistake) of the twenty-tens...

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